Adornate, the sailing ship of the hotel, wins prizes at Mediterranean Tall Ships Regatta

Between September 21st and October 7th 2013, the sailing ship of Vega Hotel, Adornate, represented Romania at Lycamobile Mediterranean Tall Ships Regatta 2013, a competition organised by the Sail Training International Foundation, nominated for the Nobel Prize in 2007 for its work in promoting international friendship and understanding. Adornate has thus become the first civil sailing ship to represent Romania at an International Tall Ships Regatta (

The opening ceremony and the start of the competition took place in Barcelona Port on September 21st 2013, with more than 35 sailing ships enrolled from all over the world. During the competition Adornate also visited Toulon Port, France (September 27-30) and La Spezia Port, Italy (October 4-7). The organisers of the competition encourage young people’s enrolment and training in the art of sailing, due to the fact that the experience at sea inspires self-confidence, develops the spirit of adventure, but also of responsibility. Regattas promote an acceptance of others, regardless of nationality, religion or social background, and aim at developing young people’s abilities of assuming controlled risks.

The sailing ship of Vega Hotel returned from Lycamobile Mediterranean Regatta 2013 with three prizes: “Most impressive arrival in Barcelona” (awarded by the Mayor of Barcelona), the trophy for a schooner that sailed the longest distance to start the competition in Barcelona Port and the most important prize of the Regatta organised by Sail Training International (an NGO that supports multicultural communication and understanding by the participation of crews from all over the world in this type of sailing competitions), voted by the commanding officers of all participating ships – “The Friendship Trophy & Flag”, for the ship and crew that contributed most to international friendship and understanding during the competition.

On the occasion of Adornate’s participation in the Mediterranean Sea Regatta, the crew of the sailing ship also had the mission of promoting the International Black Sea Regatta of May 2014, in the host ports of the competition, with Constanta Port as its final destination, another premiere for Romania, which will thus become the host of the competition’s award ceremony. The award ceremony will take place between 24th and 27th May 2014, and Vega Hotel is one of the sponsors of SCF Black Sea Tall Ships Regatta 2014.

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