The Marine Art Sale and the Elegance and Vanitas Sale

The Marine Art Sale, along with the Elegance and Vanitas Sale, both held by Artmark Auction House on Sunday, the 27th of July, at the Vega Hotel, are ending this season’s events on the art market. The exhibition combines the picturesque marine landscape represented by the Romanian fine arts with refined collectibles signed by famous designers who shaped the world history.

The Marine Art Sale offers the public the opportunity to let themselves be charmed by the same emotions and images that once inspired the Romanian painters. Rudolf Negely, Constantin Isachie Popescu, Kimon Loghi, Dumitru Ghiata, Gheorghe Petrascu, Ion Theodorescu-Sion, Ion Pacea, Sabin Balasa, Margareta Sterian and Erno Tibor are just some of the artists presented in the sale exhibition who dedicated an ode of colours to the Black Sea.

The highlight of the sale is the artwork “Case la Constanta” de Gheorghe Petrascu, who developed a true aesthetic discourse of this aquatic theme. Another star lot is the painting “Barci la Balcic” by Ion Theodorescu-Sion, which was part of the Romanian diplomat Vasile Stoica collection and is also part of the National Heritage.

In addition, the Elegance and Vanitas Sale brings to the public’s attention not only a series of vintage jewelry and antique watches or remarkable fine art, but especially the stories that these objects carry. In other words, art lovers can collect the memories that are contained by these objects, enjoying the luxury of inheriting a part of history.

From the Tressa wristwatch that belonged to Nicolae Ceausescu, to the extravagant blue fox fur coat that belonged to Elena Ceausescu or the mythology inspired necklace created exclusively by the Zolotas jewelry house for Marina Dimitropoulos, to the silver cup gift that Gheorghe Gheorghiu-Dej received on his 50th birthday, to the wines and champagnes scored with over 90 Parker points, the exhibition represents a unique cultural mix.

The exhibition can be visited until the 21st of July 2014 at the Cesianu-Racovita Palace, 5 C.A. Rosetti Street, and between the 22nd and 24th of July at the Art Museum of Constanta, and, after that, between the 25th – 27th, the artworks can be admired at the Vega Hotel in Mamaia.

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