Donations made to Saturn Foundation in 2013 will be tripled

Vega Hotel is pleased to announce that any amount donated to the Saturn Foundation from Constanta in 2013, supporting many severe medical and social cases, will be tripled with the help of the contribution made by the group of companies of which Vega Hotel is also a part.

The ways in which you may also contribute most of the time to saving lives are:
– redirecting the 2% of the annual income tax (2012)
Like in previous years, the Tax Code provides the taxpayers with the redirection mechanism of 2% of their income tax due for 2012 to a non-profit entity. This possibility is also available for foreigners, if they have been employees of a Romanian company during 2012. According to the Ministry of Public Finance, the method of implementation of this provision is similar: the taxpayer must fill in the 230 form (for income from salary) and submit it to the finance authority they are assigned to until May 25th 2013.

– bank transfer: RON: RO74BUCU1121211837084RON, USD: RO17BUCU1121211837085USD, SWIFT : BUCUROBU

– volunteering

You may find more information on the Saturn Foundation website.

Thank you on behalf of the persons you will give your support to.

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