Tulip Spa Rituals

Spa salon in Mamaia, Constanta

Tulip Spa Rituals is a spa salon designed for mind and body relaxation, located on the first floor of Vega Hotel in Mamaia. Here lie the most relaxing, intimate areas in the hotel: 2-person dry Finnish sauna, a massage parlour and a body treatment spa.

Tulip Spa Rituals offers a wide variety of spa rituals and body treatments:

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Indulgence of La Sultane de Saba

Inspired by ultimate beauty rituals from realms such as the Orient, La Sultane de Saba offers you a wide range of products, each based on unique and magical authenticity.

Each product of La Sultane de Saba brand represents a subtle combination of rare, natural ingredients, specifically searched by the brand’s specialists for each of us. By observing the requirements of the strictest laws, the ingredients of La Sultane de Saba’s products are paraben free, are not tested on animals and do not contain ingredients of animal origin.

La Sultane de Saba undergoes a continuous evolution, including both products for professional consumption and retail products, products designed for facial and body needs, based on over 20 different flavours which can meet the most sophisticated needs.

In 2010, the range La Sultane de Saba Ayurvediq was nominated under the category Body Care and Toiletries Products in Beauty Parlour at CosmetiqueMag Oscars 2010.

In 2006, La Sultane de Saba was awarded H.Pierantoni Innovation prize for L’Essentiel range, and in 2007 the brand was awarded CosmetiqueMag prize, for the category Body Care in Beauty Parlour for Balinese Voyage range.

Tulip Spa Rituals is the only Spa Centre in Romania which markets La Sultane de Saba products.

The relaxing La Sultane de Saba massage offers you a profound multi-sensory experience. This new concept proposes a type of Oriental massage, under the signature of La Sultane de Saba, which allows you, through aromas, to choose the part of the world you wish to travel to;

Journey to Bali Lotus and Frangipani flowers (50 min – RON 150)

Journey to the Road of Loukoum Delights (50 min – RON 150)

Ayurvedic Journey to the Road of Oriental Flavours (50 min – RON 150)

Oriental Amber & Musk & Santal Journey (50 min – RON 150)

Facial Skin Care

Ancestral Ritual with Gold Powder (60 min – RON 294)from the ancient times until today, gold has been considered one of the biggest beauty secrets, with illuminating and rejuvenation effects on the facial skin.

Facial Ritual with silk cocoon, Argan oil and orange blossom aromatic oil (60 min– RON 280) – it is a delicate scrub performed with a silk cocoon, the well-known benefit of silk being the sericine, a soluble protein which covers the natural silk threads, leaving a luminous and hydrated skin.

Facial Ritual Japanese Journey (60 min – RON 272) – in the 19th century, in Kyoto, the geisha Secret Flower was well known for her beauty, and her silky and soft complexion. The secret of her soft complexion was the rice powder and Neroli extract, which had deep hydration properties. The geisha Secret Flower wrote down the formula of the treatment in a notebook, carefully kept until nowadays in the Temple of Geishas. The treatment is recommended for oily skin due to its matting effect.

Body treatments

Techni SPA improves the cellulite by lipo-dermo-aspiration and makes it possible to obtain visible results by a unique combination of anti-cellulite stimulating techniques: ionising, vacuum, lymphatic drainage and muscle stimulation. (60 minutes – RON 160)

The anti-cellulite remodelling massage takes 30 minutes – RON 130

La Sultane de Saba Therapeutic Treatments

Drainage Treatment with Ginger and Green Tea (90 min – RON 250)a new La Sultane de Saba treatment, ideal for body purification, which eliminates toxins from the body and fights against water retention. This treatment comprises peeling, wrapping and specific drainage massage.

Weight Loss Treatment Caffeine, Ginger and Honey (90 min – RON 250) – a treatment which invites you to a journey in which the pleasure of sense meets efficiency, following which the whole body shall be re-energized. This treatment comprises peeling and a massage with caffeine based products, which have an anti-cellulite effect and help to burn fats and stimulate circulation, ginger which is well-known for its antioxidant properties, and honey with a restructuring and hydrating effect.

Body scrub by La Sultane de Saba

Hammam & body scrub with black soap with eucalyptus and Kessa glove (45 min – RON 125) due to its buttery texture, the black soap with Eucalyptus eliminates all impurities, and Kessa glove helps to wipe off dead skin. These are combined in order to achieve great results – softer and much brighter skin

Hammam & body scrub with sea salts and aromatherapy oils (30 min – RON 105) – a natural body scrub with fine particles of sea salt, which has the role of eliminating all impurities and helps to wipe off dead skin. Optimum result – softer and much brighter skin.

Hammam & body scrub with silk proteins and aromatherapy oil (30 min – RON 105)a natural body scrub with fine particles which help to eliminate dead skin, leading to the purification and a silky texture of the skin.

Relaxing Spa Rituals

Spa Rituals are designed for a long term physical relaxation and, at the same time, for a positive energy charge. The combined multi-sensory techniques, natural ingredients, aromas and sounds help you achieve a state of relaxation and harmony.

Luxury Rituals

Le Délice de la Sultane de Saba (135 min – RON 564) – Hammam/Body scrub with black soap with eucalyptus/Rassoul & Shea butter wrap, Shirodhara Ayurvedic Bowl, aromatherapy oil massage, La Sultane de Saba facial massage – this ritual crowns the essence of spa concept, in its most profound multi-sensory experience. Through its products, based on natural ingredients, La Sultane de Saba together with our therapists invite you to an unique experience, where you shall enjoy unique moments.

Cérémonie Ancestral D’Or (90 min – RON 535) – Hammam/Gold powder body scrub/Relaxing massage with Shea butter, aromatherapy oil, gold powder – as of the Ancient times, each evening Cleopatra used gold and took advantage of its benefits over the skin. This treatment based on gold powder guarantees you, besides relaxation, a much more rejuvenated skin, whose tone is visibly improved.

L’Ayurvédique Orientale (120 min – RON 473) – Hammam/Oriental Ayurvedic scrub/Shea butter and Oriental Ayurvedic body milk wrapping/Shirodhara Oriental Ayurvedic Bowl/Relaxing massage. It is well known that between medicine and science, Ayurveda is actually a life concept, a philosophy based on the balance and well-being of the body and mind. True beauty is given by the reflection of harmony between the self and the surrounding world. We propose a ritual which will help to restore the energies of your body.

Ritual for two

A perfect day together with your other half, your mother, your sister or your best friend, a day for experiencing a state of profound relaxation, starting with a steam bath with eucalyptus flavour, Finish sauna and Jacuzzi, moving on to full body massage performed with aromatherapy oils. Enjoy a fresh fruit juice in the relaxing area.

Relaxing massage with aromatherapy oils (120 min – RON 420), signed by La Sultane de Saba, shall carry you in far reaches of the world with someone dear to you. Access to Hammam/Jacuzzi/Dry Sauna included.

Facial massage – Japanese Journey (120 min – RON 440)A treatment passed on from generation to generation by the geishas, based on rice powder and Neroli extract, with profound hydration properties, completed by a hand and feet massage. Access to Hammam/Jacuzzi/Dry Sauna included.

Suprem Duo – a concept which invites you together with someone dear to enjoy the properties of La Sultane de Saba products, a profound multi-sensory experience given by luxury rituals.

Le Délice de la Sultane de Saba (210 min – RON 846/2 persons) – we invite you to try an unique ritual, with a sophisticated sense of details. You shall experience delightful moments by the side of someone dear, which shall induce a state of total relaxation. Access to Hammam/Jacuzzi/Dry Sauna included.

Cérémonie Ancestral D’Or (150 min – RON 766 lei/2 persons) – The gold has been used from ancient times as ingredient with illuminating effects for women’s delicate skin. La Sultane de Saba created a new treatment inspired by the ancestral beauty secrets of the oriental women. Access to Hammam/Jacuzzi/Dry Sauna included.

L’Ayurvédique Orientale (180 min – RON 710 lei/2 persons) – we invite you and someone dear to you to enter the land of India, in an authentic beauty ritual, on a realm of flavours and colours. Access to Hammam/Jacuzzi/Dry Sauna included.

Tulip Spa Rituals Therapies

Moisturizing and relaxing wrapping with Rhassoul (45 min – 180 lei)

Massage oil with grape seed extract, enriched with aromatic oils (50 min – 140 lei)

Back Massage (30 min – 110 lei)

Body Remodeling*

Anti-Cellulite Massage (30 min – 90 lei)

Technique Anti-Cellulite treatment (45 min – 130 lei)

*For customized packages please contact us at 0241 607 612.

Couple massage (Unity Couple’s Massage) is the spa experience for two, which should be enjoyed together, while our therapists shall charm your senses with a gentle massage of the whole body. (50 minutes – RON 380)

Access to Spa facilities

Access for 1 person (Hammam/Dry sauna/Jacuzzi) 75 min – RON 90

Access for 1 person – 4 entries & 1 free entry

(Hammam/Dry sauna/Jacuzzi) 75 min – RON 360

Access for 2 persons (Hammam/Dry sauna/Jacuzzi) 75 min – RON 140

Access for 2 persons – 2 entries & 1 free entry

(Hammam/Dry sauna/Jacuzzi) 75 min – RON 280

Access for 2 persons – 4 entries & 1 free entry

(Hammam/Dry sauna/Jacuzzi) 75 min – RON 450